The PI Dashboard first release was December 3, 2015. Since then we have added new features, while maintaining a firm focus on ease of use. We would like to thank our faculty advisors for helping us to define and prioritize features!


What's New?

As we work on the content and design for the upcoming Monthly Email Update, we spoke with faculty about the PI Dashboard. As a result of those discussions, we've refined the way the Spending Trend graph displays data. Those changes are part of the June 2017 release.

  • Added a month to the display to allow transactions that clear in the month the account closes to appear. 
  • Adjusted data display to eliminate "sawtooth" effect when accounts open and close over the life of a project. 
  • We also renamed this section from Burn Graph to Spending Trend to improve overall clarity.

Project Names are entirely visible on the Finances page. Prior to this release, project names were displayed based on a character count, which resulted in some names being cut off along the left edge of the display. The dashboard has been updated so that names are now displayed properly. 

A small, but useful change now correctly capitalizes RNA and DNA in project titles. See the Before and After below. 

Released 6/26/2017

Roadmap for Future Releases

Features Estimated Release Date
Research Project Status Email sent monthly — Monthly email to all PIs containing a summary of their project financials and research personnel. Includes links to the PI Dashboard for more detail Q3 2017
Financial forcasts — Allow Research Administrators (RAs) to enter anticipated labor (staff, GRA, etc.) expenses; incorporates forecasts in financial reports; allow PIs and RAs to see "spendable balances" that include the impact of upcoming costs not yet recorded in a central system. TBD
Remediate PI Dashboard for RASS — Update the PI Dashboard to make use of data from the new Research Administration Support System (RASS). Q1 2018
Online Effort Certification — Allow PIs to complete Effort Certification online; Staff will be able to track status and complete pre-review using the PI Dashboard. TBD
Financial What-If Scenario Tool — Allow PIs to test impact of various spending options and forward final decision to RAs to review and implement TBD
Send projections to Kuali accounting reports and revised labor distributions to Workday — Send labor distribution changes automatically to Workday. Add projection data to the accounting, and subsequently, RA Dashboards. TBD
Protocols, Proposals, and Award Negotiations — Show protocol summaries/personnel/status; pending proposal documents; and award negotiation status TBD
Inventions — Invention disclosure and marketing status TBD
Enhanced Pay Transaction Details — Adds names to each pay transaction; name search; salary distribution by month and year; and details retroactive adjustments TBD
Action List — Display tasks from a rules engine (e.g.: upcoming project end and renewal dates, progress reports, protocol renewals); approval requests from central systems (ex: approve travel reimb.); other TBD by PIs TBD
Training status — Display training assignments and completion status for PI and research group members TBD
Facilities — Provide information for spaces assigned to PIs including some or all of the following: hazards, equipment, who has access, etc. TBD
Delegation — Allow PIs to delegate access to some or all of their data to others TBD

Updated 4/13/2017

Previous Releases


If you want to know more about the PI Dashboard, you can dig into the presentations and stories from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) at Cornell about their PI Dashboard product.